About Us

Baron (China) Co. , Ltd. was established with the investment of Baron Group International Holding Co. , Ltd. . It is supported by two major international brands, Besuper and Baron, is a research and development, design, production, sales, service as one of the large-scale specialized infant supplies enterprises.


Self-owned Brands

Apart from the OEM business, this year our company, based on the Group's years of experience and keen market awareness, actively launched a number of independent brands to provide consumers with high-quality and inexpensive products, including Besuper Fantastic T Diapers, Pandas Eco Disposable Diapers, Newborn Diapers, etc., which are deeply loved by consumers.

Develop & Supply ODM Products

We develop ODM products for supermarkets, personal care chain stores and other businesses by listening, observing and thinking about customer needs. A wide range of products, such as baby diapers, wet wipes, adult diapers, eco-friendly garbage bags, female sanitary napkins and other personal care products to meet consumer demand.

Premium Branded Products Agent

For years, our company has worked hard to establish long-term cooperative relations with hygiene products companies all over the world.Our company represents a number of high-quality brands, including Cuddles, Morgan House, Mother’s Choice, Pure Power, etc.. We supply baby care products, adult care products, feminine care products, etc., and meet the demands of different types of customers.


A US federal agency which controls and tests the product safety.
The product meets EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.
The international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”).
Totally Chlorine Free, no chlorine compounds for wood pulp bleaching.
The most authoritative quality label in China.
To help customers tell if the products are eco-friendly.
Global standards to ensure customers that the products are safe, legal and of high quality.
Confirms no harmful chemicals from all stages of production and safe for human use.


Why Choose Us?


Efficient Leadership Team

A professional leadership team leads the company to a modern business model. Innovative thinking has led us to push our products in Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, the United States and around the world.


Professional Sales Team

With many years of marketing experience, rich product knowledge, bold and innovative thinking, our sales team with different customers to provide the best quality products and the most intimate service.


Affordable Price

Because of the standardization of supply chain, centralized purchasing has brought us the advantage of raw material cost; strict control of production system has increased the rate of finished products and reduced the cost, so we can provide customers with high quality and affordable price products.

Quality Assurance

We are a supplier of agreed authoritative guidance of diaper enterprises, monthly regular exchange of updated materials and technology, ensure product update iteration in a timely routine and product quality control.









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