• Velona Cuddles Pro Guard Adult Diaper

    Velona Cuddles Pro Guard Adult Diaper

    Incontinence needs more reliable care. Adult type disposable diapers are products designed to make life easier for patients and caregivers alike. The amount of absorption is designed according to the situation and aim for comfort while preventing leakage from the legs and lower back.
    ·Wearable for Elders
    ·Super absorbent fibers absorb liquid instantly
    ·Prevent rashes and odors.
    ·Extra soft layer prevents back flow for extra comfort.
    ·Top sheet with Air Trapping Technology reduces the probability of bed sores significantly.
    ·Changing indicator alerts diaper change.
    ·Extra fastening straps securely keep diaper in place.
    ·Engineered fit to prevent leakages.

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