• Besuper Lady Napkin Pants

    Besuper Lady Napkin Pants

    Besuper Lady Napkin Pant is a kind of underwear-shaped sanitary napkin, also called sanitary panties, which is designed to solve the problem of menstrual side leakage, especially for those girls who turn over and over while sleeping.

    Product description:

    ·360°elastic waistband provides you with comfort and freedom
    ·Imported Weyerhaeuser pulp mixed with Tai SAP/Sandia SAP
    ·Double layers of water-proof leakage guard & All day leakage protection
    ·Cloth-like Breathable back sheet
    ·Disposable period underwear
    ·Pad absorbs 10X of its weight
    ·Pad stays in place to prevent bunching
    ·Extra long pad for maximum coverage
    ·Ideal for using during menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy, postpartum, mild incontinence or when travelling

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