Build a successful brand like Velona Cuddles? You may need our partnership!

Building a new brand isn’t an easy task. Besides your intelligence and effort, you may also need help from others. A strong partnership is what you need.

Velona Cuddles is now a well-known baby diaper brand in Sri Lanka. Whereas, its brand building road was not that easy as you imagine.Here is a true story of how Baron help Velona Cuddles establish the brand and reputation.


"I wanted to start diaper business in 2012. My original idea was to build a best baby diapers brand in Sri Lanka. So I tried several manufacturers to find which one can produce the best quality diapers. Actually at the beginning I didn’t trust Baron because MADE IN CHINA was equivalent to low-quality products at the time. But when I got samples, I was surprised by the excellent quality of Baron's baby diapers. The prices were also very reasonable and they also supported small quantity. All the service they provided greatly reduced my risk of starting up business.” Said Mr. Gehan, the CEO of Velona Cuddles.




When Velona Cuddles first founded its brand, Baron designed the package of its diapers according to Mr. Gehan’s needs.




All the materials Baron uses for production are from leading material suppliers, including Sumitomo, BASF, 3M, Hankel and other Fortune 500 international companies.

To reassure the clients, Baron has carried out tests on all raw materials, and finished products during and after production to monitor the product quality from start to finish. Meanwhile, the company’s quality control procedures and managements have been certified by international third parties, including BRC, FDA, CE, ISO 90012008. All experimental instruments are inspected by the authoritative third parties once a year.







Baron also carries out many diaper performance test.

Till now, Baron has cooperated with Velona for 8 years. Baron’s good-quality products and services have helped Velona Cuddles quickly become a famous diaper brand in Sri Lanka. “I know international business isn’t an easy task, but I do trust Baron because they never let me down over the years”, Said Mr. Gehan.


Mr. Gehan also mentioned that he was very grateful to Baron for all the help provided for his new brand. These help he mentioned includes franchise, certification, extended delivery, etc., which are very needed in the early stage of new business.




Now, Velona Cuddles has become world-famous baby diaper brand, the company has grown into the leader of both knitted and woven garments and one of the largest manufacturers of apparel in the Sri Lanka. It has one of the most extensive distribution networks in the island and four boutique outlets under the Arista and Velona brands in Colombo.


If you are interested in building your own diaper brand, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be your best partner!